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Restvale Aged Care has been using the NeRA Resident Agreement software...with much success. Based on this we have purchased the eRAD Bond Register software which ensures we are complying with the most up-to-date legislative changes to the Aged Care Act, thus giving us more confidence in our reporting to the Department. We have found both these programmes user friendly and would highly recommend them to any Aged Care Facility.
Lobethal & District Aged Homes Inc, SA
Karen Wood Administration Finance Manager
Our purchase of e-REC has proven to be most beneficial and has significantly reduced the time we were spending reconciling the paper based Medicare Payment Statement with our eHCP application. The use of e-REC simplifies the reconciliation process and ensures the data provided to Medicare and entered into eHCP correlates and is correct. It is refreshing to note that e-Tools continues to work with their customers, acknowledging feedback and providing online and phone support...
Moyne Health Services, VIC
Kevan McNamara & Kylie Jenkins
We have found the e-Tools software easy to understand and simple to move from module to module, now that we use eHSP, eNDIS and eHCP...Providers need to trust that the software will be effective and efficient, and that the software provider will have a responsive, understanding, knowledgeable, thorough and extensive support network. This is exactly what I have found with e-Tools...
EPIS Incorporated, WA
Mandy Medlen Director Financial Services

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