e-Tools Mobile Apps

Manage Increasing Accountability & Improve Outcomes

e-Tools Mobile Apps

Introducing e-Tools Mobile Apps, designed to complement our software applications & help providers address increasing accountability & improve outcomes.

Our community care mobile apps include eWorkforce & eConsumer. More than just mobile apps, they offer a seamless workforce management & communication solution – connecting you, your staff & your consumers in a rapidly evolving environment.

eVisitor is a companion to the e-Tools Visitor Management system, to facilitate safe, contactless visitor sign-in & sign out using QR code tech.

Our apps are compatible with IOS & Android smart devices.

e-Tools Mobile Apps eWorkforce


eWorkforce Mobile App

Community Care Workforce - Your Workday at Your Fingertips
  • Access your service schedule & client data on-the-move.
  • Instant communication & notification regarding client service updates.
  • Make changes to availability & accept shifts promptly.
Be Empowered to Deliver Quality Care
  • Real time access to client data anytime, anywhere.
  • View & enter progress notes on-the-spot.
  • Record information instantly; less delays & improved accuracy.
  • Capture client signature electronically on service completion.
  • Photo capability feature, to capture & store images against client records if required.
  • AWACCS instrument/Early ID feature, to record changes in health & wellbeing of clients & identify if early intervention is required.
Your Day Just Became More Efficient
  • Capture data electronically to assist with payroll.
  • Save time doubling up on timesheets.
  • Staff clock in & clock out feature.
  • Record travel time & kms.
  • Book & change services instantly.
  • Close out services to ensure accurate records.
Added Security Measures for Staff & Consumers
  • Consumers can verify staff identification via the Mobile App.
  • Staff are able to confirm client’s identification.
  • View client-specific security alert notes prior to accessing client’s property.
  • Tracking feature that notifies Head Office if staff have not signed in at the scheduled time.
  • Ability for clients to sign electronically on service completion.
Geo Location [Sign Off Location Feature]
  • Location-based detection feature to provide managers with variance to a staff member’s safe sign off diameter
  • Allows managers to review staff member sign off location variance & verify their service location
  • Relevant for auditing purposes
  • Used in conjunction with e-Tools Staff Records Management [eSRM] staff tasking function

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eConsumer Mobile App

Engage with consumers & families in community care
  • eConsumer enables you to communicate openly with consumers & their families, demonstrate transparency & build trust.
  • Used effectively, eConsumer is a springboard for you to gain a competitive edge & be best in class!
  • Currently free to download & use.
Share service information with consumers & their families 
  • Access to service appointments.
  • Track service changes easily.
  • View services delivered or not completed.
  • Identify who will be delivering the services, for added security.
Rating & feedback tool
  • Star-rating & feedback function that’s easy to use.
  • Gain valuable consumer input & identify issues to be addressed.
  • Actively monitor quality via a ratings/feedback report.
Responsively designed for target audience
  • Choice of 5 different languages.
  • Larger font size & a colour scheme that is easy on the eyes.
Tutorials videos to help your clients
  • Access a range of tutorials videos that you can share with your clients & their families, including setup instructions & getting started videos.
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eVisitor Mobile App

Contactless sign-in & sign-out solution for visitors & staff
  • Used as a companion to complement the e-Tools Visitor Management  (eVM) solution.
  • Enables your staff & frequent visitors to check in & out of your premises quickly & safely.
  • Meet current COVID-19 visitor protocols & future requirements.
  • Based on QR code technology for speedy sign-in.
  • Currently free to download & use.
  • The eVM system provides the opportunity for you to pre-screen visitors before they visit and links to our other software to share supplier and staff data/records.


e-Tools Mobile Apps Connections

Our Mobile Apps connect to other e-Tools software applications to acquire real time data for display on a smart device, including:

  • e-Tools Staff Records Management+Tasking [eSRM]
  • e-Tools Home Support Programme [eHSP]
  • e-Tools Home Care Package [eHCP]
  • e-Tools NDIS [eNDIS]
  • e-Tools Visitor Management [eVM]
  • e-tools-staff-records-management
  • e-tools-home-care-package
  • e-tools-national-disability-insurance-scheme
  • e-tools-home-support-programme
  • e-tools-visitor-management
  • e-tools-supplier-agreement

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