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eWorkforce for Staff + eConsumer for Clients, Families

e-Tools Mobile Apps

e-Tools Mobile Apps for Home Care, Home Support & NDIS service providers are designed to help address communication, transparency and quality outcomes.

eWorkforce App offers a seamless workforce management solution for community care. Empower staff to provide quality services at all times – staff have client and service information at their fingertips, no matter where they are.

eConsumer App opens a communication portal between you, your consumers and their families. Enable consumers to be informed and participate in their service delivery. Provide families with a window into the care their loved ones are receiving.

Manage your provider responsibilities and be the best in class using e-Tools Mobile Apps!

eConsumer Mobile App

Communication Portal to Engage with Consumers
  • eConsumer enables you to connect easily with Home Care & NDIS consumers & their families.
  • Demonstrate transparency & share service information to meet your provider requirements.
  • Build trust & consumer loyalty.
Share Service Information
  • Enable consumers & families to track service appointments.
  • Monthly appointments displayed on one screen – updated calendar available soon in upgraded version!
  • View services delivered or not completed.
  • Clients can check ID of staff delivering the service, for added security.
Manage Your Provider Responsibilities

Address your responsibilities under the:

  • Quality of Care Principles 2014 [Aged Care Quality Standards]
  • User Rights Principles 2014
  • Charter of Aged Care Rights







Monthly Appointments on One Screen
  • Easy-view calendar that helps consumers stay on top of upcoming appointments.
Enable Appointment Rescheduling Requests
  • Empower consumers to make choices about their service delivery arrangements.
  • Optional feature for providers to use, but is important in supporting consumer choice, to address User Rights Principles 2014.

















Consumer Statements Available to View on App
  • Save significant costs & admin time by uploading Consumer Statements to the app. Coming soon in the upgraded eConsumer version.
  • Your consumers can access current & historical Statements easily.
  • This is available for HCP recipients, with plans to expand to NDIS participants & 2025 Support at Home Program.
Feedback & Rating Tool in a Private  Platform
  • Support your consumers with a clear process to give feedback or make complaints, to meet your provider responsibility under the User Rights Principles 2014.
  • Gain valuable input on what you’re doing well & identify issues to be addressed.
  • Actively monitor quality via a ratings/feedback report.










Fingerprint & Facial ID Unlock
  • Convenient & secure login option for consumers.
  • Available soon in the upgraded version of the app.
Translated to 10 Languages
  • Currently with a choice of 5 translated languages: Chinese, Dutch, Greek, Italian, English.
  • Upgraded version launching soon will have additional 5 languages: Korean, Arabic, Vietnamese, Russian, Spanish.
  • Thoughtfully designed, with larger display & colour scheme that is easy on the eyes.


Ready for Your Next Step?

Ask for a free demo and more info! eConsumer is subscription-based, allowing providers to pay based on number of users, with the flexibility to add or remove users as required. Enquire now.





eWorkforce Mobile App

For Community Care Staff


Access to Workday on the Move
  • Access service schedule & client data from any smart device.
  • Instant communication & notifications for client service updates.
  • Make changes to availability & accept shifts promptly.
Empower Staff to Deliver Quality Care
  • Real time access to client data anytime, anywhere.
  • View & enter progress notes on-the-spot.
  • Record information instantly for improved accuracy.
  • Capture client signature electronically on service completion.
  • Capture & store images against client records if required.
  • AWACCS instrument/Early ID feature – record changes in health & wellbeing of clients to identify if early intervention is required.
Notifications System for Scheduling Updates – NEW!
  • Push notifications for scheduling changes are seen on main screen of mobile, without having to enter the app.
  • High Priority messages for updates of a more important nature, are displayed with boosted prominence. Staff can tap to indicate they have seen the message.
  • Job Broadcast messages announce urgent assignments & enable staff to accept appointments instantly from the app.
  • Respond promptly to service cancellations & available assignments.
Save Time, Increase Productivity
  • Capture data electronically to assist with payroll.
  • Save time doubling up on timesheets.
  • Staff clock in & clock out feature.
  • Record travel time & kms.
  • Book & change services instantly.
  • Close out services to ensure accurate records.
Added Security Measures for Staff & Consumers
  • Consumers can verify staff identification via the Mobile App.
  • View client-specific security alert notes prior to accessing client’s property.
  • Tracking feature that notifies Head Office if staff have not signed in at the scheduled time.
  • Ability for clients to sign electronically on service completion.






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