e-Tools National Disability Insurance Scheme

PACE-ready NDIS Provider Software to Empower Better Care


e-Tools National Disability Insurance Scheme

Manage participant care requirements, funding amounts & claims with confidence using eNDIS software for Disability/NDIS registered service providers.

Our software is now PACE-enabled for a smooth transition to the new NDIA PACE business system. The software allows registered service providers to operate under the current and new business systems.

eNDIS has a claims module, an important tool to help ensure you are paid correctly. The ability to connect to e-Tools’ Staff Scheduling module and Mobile Apps will completely transform your workforce management & communication.


Support for Start-Up Businesses

We recognise the importance of having a diverse range of registered service providers in the disability and NDIS sector, and we also understand the difficulty of being a small, start-up business. e-Tools has introduced a staged pricing structure to support start-up businesses. Your eNDIS licence will be determined by the number of participants you service, and as you grow, we move you to the next level accordingly.

The eNDIS staged pricing structure is as follows:

  • Businesses with up to 10 participants
  • Businesses with 11-25 participants
  • Businesses with 26-50 participants

Please contact us for further information. We look forward to assisting you.


Features and Benefits

Structured Step-by-Step Process
  • A logical layout that helps minimise errors, including a prompt for a valid service booking before proceeding to the next step.
Quote Feature & Price Guide Built-In
  • Provide professional and accurate quotes/estimates in a timely manner.
  • Inbuilt NDIA price guide is always up-to-date to reduce the risk of under or over charging.
Manage 3 Types of Service Bookings
  • NDIA managed, self managed & third party managed.
Tracking Features to Stay on Top
  • Dynamically track changes to the NDIA plan & service bookings.
  • Easily monitor services delivered & spend against budget.
  • Maintain & track travel, service charges & cancellation fees.
Claims Module to Help Improve Outcomes
  • A simple, stepped process to manage claims to the NDIA portal.
  • Improve reporting accuracy to NDIA for improved outcomes.
  • Valid claims can be checked to minimise errors.
  • Review your ability to reclaim, following data corrections.
  • Claim one client at a time if required.
Export to Xero Accounting Software
  • Ability to export Xero-compatible files with convenience
Bulk Upload to NDIA Portal
  • Bulk upload function makes it easy to claim when & how often you want, at the touch of a button.
Plan Manager Module
  • Track invoices and complete payments with ease on behalf of participants.
  • Cut processing time – process invoices faster and at a greater volume.

Find out how we support your business

Mobile Solution for NDIS Providers

eNDIS links to e-Tools’ Mobile Apps to enhance your service delivery and improve outcomes.

Our latest technology comprises of:

  • A Staff Tasking function
  • The eWorkforce Mobile App for your workforce
  • The eConsumer Mobile App for your clients and their families
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e-Tools Web Hosting Service

  • Access your data securely from anywhere.
  • Cost effective service provided by e-Tools via Amazon AWS Web Hosting.
  • Data hosted in Australia.
  • Reliable data backup and recovery service, backed by IT support.
  • Enables us to login directly with your approval, to provide faster, seamless support.

eNDIS Connections

Our software applications work independently, but where common data is shared, applications connect for increased efficiencies.

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  • e-tools-dashboard
  • e-tools-mobile-apps-1

Our clients share their experiences

We have found the e-Tools software easy to understand and simple to move from module to module, now that we use eHSP, eNDIS and eHCP...Providers need to trust that the software will be effective and efficient, and that the software provider will have a responsive, understanding, knowledgeable, thorough and extensive support network. This is exactly what I have found with e-Tools...
EPIS Incorporated, WA
Mandy Medlen Director Financial Services

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