e-Tools Home Support Programme

Everything you need in one place for CHSP management


e-Tools Home Support Programme

eHSP has everything you need for your home support programme in one place. Whether you’re delivering services to individuals or groups, eHSP helps you effectively plan, track and deliver.

Upload your completed information to the DSS Data Exchange (DEX) portal and run historical and forecast reports to easily monitor progress against contracts.


Features and Benefits

Legal Agreements Included
  • Compliant CHSP agreement template embedded in software.
Individual Services Managed with Ease
  • Plan, deliver & track delivery of one-on-one services to your clients.
Group Activities Managed in Detail
  • Set up recurring & once-off group activities & monitor attendance.
  • Charge attendees the right consumer contribution.
  • Pre-define group venues.
  • Pre-define venue assessment checklists.
  • Waitlist in group service events.
  • Track client contribution payments in group service events.
Compliance Made Easy
  • Available activity & service lists download from DEX with a click.
  • Set your contract units & prices for each service.
DEX Upload Function
  • Easy upload to DEX to meet your reporting requirements.
Reporting Function
  • See both historical & forecast reports on your services, units & costs.
  • Track delivery of units against CHSP contract allocations.
More Great Features
  • Upload care plans & other documents for individuals & groups.
  • Produce statements of services delivered.

We take care of your Home Support, Home Care & NDIS needs

Mobile Solution for Home Support

eHSP links to e-Tools’ Mobile Apps to enhance your service delivery and improve outcomes.

Our latest technology comprises of:

  • A Staff Tasking function
  • The eWorkforce Mobile App for your workforce
  • The eConsumer Mobile App for your consumers and their families.
More on e-Tools Mobile Apps


e-Tools Web Hosting Service

  • Access your data securely from anywhere.
  • Cost effective service provided by e-Tools via Amazon AWS Web Hosting.
  • Data hosted in Australia.
  • Reliable data backup and recovery service, backed by IT support.
  • Enables us to login directly with your approval, to provide faster, seamless support.

eHSP Connections

Our software applications work independently, but where common data is shared, applications connect for increased efficiencies.

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  • e-tools-staff-records-management
  • e-tools-dashboard

Our clients share their experiences

We have found the e-Tools software easy to understand and simple to move from module to module, now that we use eHSP, eNDIS and eHCP...Providers need to trust that the software will be effective and efficient, and that the software provider will have a responsive, understanding, knowledgeable, thorough and extensive support network. This is exactly what I have found with e-Tools...
EPIS Incorporated, WA
Mandy Medlen Director Financial Services

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