e-Tools Staff Records Management

Helps ensure compliance in maintaining staff records


e-Tools Staff Records Management

The Quality Standards require an organisation to employ skilled and qualified staff to deliver safe, respectful and quality care services. eSRM (previously eHRM, e-Tools HR Management) is a must to maintain relevant, up-to-date residential and community care staff records to meet this requirement.

eSRM acts as a storage hub with an all-important tracking system for essential records incl. skills, qualifications, training, vaccinations and police check certificates.

The records in eSRM can be shared with other e-Tools applications, making eSRM a powerful application that can help enhance your service delivery and outcomes.



Features and Benefits

Store Records in One Location
  • Organise staff records in a central location so you never lose track.
  • Upload & store documents.
Capture Staff Details & Key Data
  • Vaccinations
  • Skills and Qualifications
  • Training
  • Police Checks
Cater for COVID-19 with Custom Fields
  • Contains fields you can customise to record staff related COVID-19 requirements or other information specific to your organisation.
Schedule Staff Training & Record CPD Points
  • Set training or meeting events for your staff members in the Appointments section.
  • Record CPD Points for each training session.
  • Event appointments display in the Tasking calendar of eSRM and the eWorkforce/eConsumer Mobile Apps.
Track Expiring Records & Renewals
  • Important feature that enables you to set automatic renewal notifications.
  • Ability to adjust the expiry or validity period.
Run Reports to Stay on Track
  • Generate reports easily on staff Skills and Qualifications, Training, Vaccination, Police Checks and Leave.

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Staff Tasking for Community Care

Enhance service delivery

eSRM has a Staff Tasking function linked to client service data in our community care software and our mobile apps. This creates a methodical, coordinated approach to assigning staff to meet client services.

Staff Tasking features & benefits:

  • Assign tasks based on appropriate staff qualifications & availability.
  • Reschedule changes quickly to meet client requirements.
  • Allow staff to accept shifts promptly.
  • Send instant notifications to staff about client service updates.
  • Manage recurring shifts/tasks easily to save time.


Community Care Mobile Apps

Improve Outcomes

Scheduled service details can be accessed via our Mobile Apps on any smart device, anytime, anywhere. Our combined technologies can help improve outcomes for your CHSP, HCP and NDIS clients, whilst addressing your increasing accountability and client expectations.

  • Community care workers have scheduled services at their fingertips via our eWorkforce Mobile App.
  • Scheduled services are seen by consumers via our eConsumer Mobile App.

This truly is a seamless workforce management and communication solution that can elevate your service & provide the platform for you to be best in class.

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eSRM Connections

Our applications work independently, but where common data is shared, applications connect for increased efficiencies.

eSRM currently links to all our Community Care applications, Mobile Apps and eVM (e-Tools Visitor Management).

eVM is designed to track visitors, contractors & staff entering your care environment to help manage COVID-19 visitor access requirements.

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