e-Tools Reconciliation

Payment Statement Reconciliation to Help Claim Correct Funding Amounts


e-Tools Reconciliation

e-REC is designed to help you improve your accuracy in reporting & financial outcomes as a home care provider.

e-REC automatically reconciles your Government receipts against your claims data, verifying matched transactions or identifying discrepancies.

This is an important step in home care management to help ensure that you receive the correct amounts & that you are not missing out on funding.

e-REC provides the opportunity for you to remedy discrepancies in a timely manner, whilst the data is current, to help improve your outcomes:

  • Claim correct amounts continually
  • Improve reporting accuracy
  • Minimise compliance errors/issues


Improved Payment Arrangements (IPA)

To manage the IPA, e-REC enables direct electronic data upload to the Department’s portal to:

  • Speed up the claims process.
  • Reduce errors, ensure data accuracy.
  • Maintain claims history.
  • Ensure data flow from care plan – completed services – claim.

e-REC is used alongside eHCP (e-Tools Home Care Package) for a complete home care management solution.



Features and Benefits

Manage IPA Changes with Efficiency
  • Prepare bulk CSV file for Claims & Unspent Funds, for direct upload to the Department portal.
  • Import Payment Statement for reconciliation.
Automatically Fetches Claims Data from eHCP Web
  • e-REC currently links to our e-Tools Home Care Package (eHCP) Web software to fetch your claims data.
Upload Services Australia Payment Receipts Electronically
  • Direct upload of CSV files
Import Payment Statement for Reconciliation
Complete Your Reconciliation Electronically
  • Stepped process to help you carry out the reconciliation easily & accurately.
Highlights Discrepancies that Require Fixing
  • Identifies mismatched data and dates, so you can review & remedy discrepancies.
  • Track actions taken to remedy discrepancies.
Track Progress Of All Reconciliations
  • Sort reconciliations by status e.g. To Do, In Progress, Completed.
Ability To Set Permission & Access Levels
  • Allows you to restrict full editing access to authorised staff only.
Upcoming B2B Transfer Features
  • B2B Transfer Download Payment Statement
  • B2B Transfer Upload Claims & Unspent Funds

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e-REC Connections

Our software applications work independently, but where common data is shared, applications connect for increased efficiencies.

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Our clients share their experiences

Our purchase of e-REC has proven to be most beneficial and has significantly reduced the time we were spending reconciling the paper based Medicare Payment Statement with our eHCP application. The use of e-REC simplifies the reconciliation process and ensures the data provided to Medicare and entered into eHCP correlates and is correct. It is refreshing to note that e-Tools continues to work with their customers, acknowledging feedback and providing online and phone support...
Moyne Health Services, VIC
Kevan McNamara & Kylie Jenkins

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