Geo Location – Employee Safe Sign Off Location Feature

Managers, get notified of any variance to employees' safe sign off diameter! A tech-forward feature used with e-Tools' mobile app, important for your community care workforce safety, accountability & auditing.

Geo Location is a tech-forward feature that is part of our e-Tools Staff Records Management [eSRM] solution.

This feature provides you with staff sign off location information. When you are managing a community care based service, whether it be home care, home support or NDIS, this feature can play an important role in staff safety, accountability and auditing.

Used in conjunction with eSRM’s Staff Tasking function and the eWorkforce Mobile App, it will allow managers to be informed of, review and verify any variance to a staff member’s safe sign off diameter and to verify service locations.

How does it work? Geo Location is a location-based detection feature, obtaining real-time data from the mobile device of the user/staff member to pinpoint a physical location. When staff members are outside the pre-determined safe sign off diameter, they are immediately prompted to record a comment or reason.

Our Geo Location feature is packed with robust controls, including a map display of service location and staff sign off location, variance distance and comments recorded by staff members at the time of sign off.

This feature is part of our community care and home care software workforce solution, which includes:

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