*NEW* face & fingerprint mobile app login + High Priority Messaging for staff scheduling

Biometrics authentication is available via eWorkforce as a secure login option. We introduce High Priority Messages, displayed with higher visibility + users can confirm messages have been seen.

We have recently introduced High Priority Messaging to provide urgency and prominence for urgent messages, and upgraded the eWorkforce Mobile App to include Biometrics* authentication as a more secure login option for users.

The Notifications Phase 1 upgrade in July 2023 provided roster managers in community care the ability to send push notifications from eSRM to staff who use eWorkforce Mobile App. This is designed to improve staff awareness about scheduling updates and save time on follow-up required between manager and staff.

The Notifications Phase 2 upgrade in September 2023 sees push notifications stepped up a notch – communication becomes two-way between eSRM and eWorkforce, in the form of ‘High Priority Messaging’ and confirmations.

The idea is that roster managers can inform staff of urgent last minute scheduling assignments, like cancellations, with increased visibility on their mobile devices. eWorkforce users can provide a confirmation back to their roster manager to say they have seen the urgent communique.

Core offerings in the recent Phase 2 upgrade include:

‘High Priority Messaging’ system

  • Roster managers can mark urgent messages as high priority in eSRM to give it visual prominence in eWorkforce Mobile App.
  • High priority messages are triggered based on your pre-set ‘urgency cut-off‘ window.
  • These messages require confirmation from the staff member to indicate the message has been seen.
  • High priority messages can be monitored by the manager in eSRM.

Biometrics* authentication login for eWorkforce app

  • ‘Remember Me’ option was removed from eWorkforce login screen, as a new security measure.
  • In its place, Biometrics* login using face or fingerprint recognition is offered as a more secure option.
  • eWorkforce users will need to perform a once-off setup (which will require a username & password) to enable biometrics login.

What do you need to do?

  • This feature is available to use now, but needs to be enabled by an e-Tools team member.
  • To enable the feature, please contact Jenny Burley: jburley@e-tools.com.au. We will make sure you’re set you up properly.

*Biometrics login will only work on mobile devices that support this technology.

Detailed explanations on these new features can be found in the release notes:

eSRM v1.2.44.0 and eWorkforce v1.2.19 (20 Jul 2023):
Notifications Phase 1, Licencing info

eSRM v1.2.45.15 and eWorkforce v1.2.21 (19 Sep 2023):
Notifications Phase 2, High Priority Messaging incl. urgency cut-off explanation, Biometrics login option, Removal of Remember Me login option

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