eConsumer Mobile App Released with AUTO Account Creation & User Registration

eConsumer, eSRM, eHCP, eHSP & eNDIS were updated 18 Apr 2024. A powerful new feature to enable consumers & families to register for an eConsumer account directly from their phone is introduced.

We are excited to announce the release of eConsumer Mobile App V1.7.2 with a powerful new feature that enables consumers and representatives to register for an eConsumer account directly from their mobile devices.

Software users will be able to import consumers directly from eHCP/eHSP/eNDIS into eSRM and create their eConsumer accounts automatically.

The automated process of account creation and user registration offers a much simpler and manageable way for providers to invite consumers, family members and carers to use the eConsumer App.

To learn about eConsumer App and this new feature, book a demo with the e-Tools Sales Team.

The following applications have been released at the same time to support the core features of eConsumer Mobile App, so please ensure you update to the latest versions. Please find the release notes below.

eSRM Application V1.2.52.0
eHCP Application V5.0.44.0
eHSP Application V5.5.18.0
eNDIS Application V1.14.3.0

eConsumer Mobile App ver 1.7.2

  • Register an eConsumer account.
  • Ability to reset the password directly from the app.

eConsumer Mobile App Account Creation Guide

  • Step-by-step guide to automatically create eConsumer Mobile App accounts. 
  • Flowchart for auto account creation. 

eSRM v1.2.52.0

  • Added Import Consumers button in Admin > eConsumer
  • Added eConsumer Invites tab on the Client Logins page
  • Changes in the User Management tab on the Client Logins page

eHCP v5.0.44.0

eHSP v5.5.18.0

eNDIS v1.14.3.0

  • Software changes for these base applications are covered in the eConsumer Auto Account Creation Guide and eSRM release notes. Kindly refer to these documents for information.

Thank you.

The e-Tools Software Team

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