The e-Tools cloud evolution

Move to the cloud with us! Be empowered to achieve better outcomes with sophisticated solutions enabled by cloud technology.

2022 marks the year that e-Tools Software moves its Windows applications to the Cloud.

The evolution to the cloud is a technological leap forward to help providers operate a compliant, viable business into the future.

Be empowered to achieve better outcomes


  • Access applications and data from anywhere, on multiple devices, including tablets and smart phones.

Time Management:

  • The ability to access data from anywhere empowers you to be more productive, allowing more time to focus on care & quality outcomes.

Cost Effective:

  • Rely less on your IT support, with software updates automated for you.
  • Potential cost savings on in-house server costs associated with e-Tools data storage.

Advanced Security:

  • Your applications and data are maintained in a highly secure environment.
  • Advanced encryption plus Multi-Factor Authentication offer extra protection from cybersecurity threats.
  • e-Tools uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting, with global-standard infrastructure and top notch security and recovery procedures.

Move to the cloud with us

The National e-Tools Resident Agreement [NeRA] application is the first to take flight to the cloud, which will be followed closely by a range of other applications from mid 2022.

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