How REDHS is meeting best practice standards in visitor access management

REDHS and e-Tools collaborate to develop a unique & comprehensive visitor management solution. Purpose-built to meet current & future industry requirements & COVID-19 protocols.

Rochester & Elmore District Health Service (REDHS), a longstanding e-Tools client, sought a comprehensive solution to manage visitors and contractors into their facility. Recognising this as an important step in protecting the health and wellbeing of residents and meeting regulatory requirements, REDHS weren’t just looking for an off-the-shelf product, they wanted a system that would link seamlessly with their existing contractor data in e-Tools Supplier Agreement (eSA).

e-Tools worked closely with REDHS to deliver a customised solution that met their needs. This collaboration is what makes e-Tools Visitor Management (eVM) a unique visitor management system, as it is purpose-built to meet specific industry requirements. eVM is not just about collection of visitor details. It gives you a chance to to take a step back and consider stricter protocols about visitor entry into your care facility. With this in mind, eVM will link and share data with other key e-Tools modules:

  • eSA (Suppliers): Added ability to check if contractors have outstanding requirements
  • eSRM (Staff): Reduce staff time filling out manual paperwork
  • NeRA (Residents): Monitor residents’ movements when they leave the facility – Available in the near future

eVM facilitates best practice and sets the industry standard in visitor management. For a long-term solution that will help you adapt easily to future changes, contact us to find out more about eVM.

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