IPA Resources for Home Care Providers

Home care management will be different under the new IPA. e-Tools' IPA resources will help home care providers address the new funding changes.

Major funding changes have commenced with the Improved Payment Arrangements (IPA). The IPA will impact how you deliver services effectively and maintain business viability.

Access e-Tools Software’s free, practical resources and important reminders to address these changes.

Below is a compiled list of e-Tools IPA Updates. Please click on the resource of interest to you:

Carrying Forward Funds – Department Clarification [13.09.21]

  • We contacted the Department to seek clarification on how the new IPA situation applies to carried forward expenditure from one claim period to another. Find the response we received from the Department here.

Data Upload Requirements for First Reporting Period [01.09.21]

  • Data upload to Department Portal – Using e-REC Software
  • End of Month process – To be done prior to upload – Includes EoM flowchart
  • Care Recipient ID number – To be included in eHCP – Includes diagram example

Urgent Notice to Senior Management [30.08.21]

  • What you need to do to ensure you protect your business & prepare for the IPA
  • Special note on the ITF
  • e-REC required to meet future funding changes

Department Changes & Unspent Funds Report [13.07.21]

  • The Department’s changes to the IPA Phase 2
  • Checklist pre-IPA introduction
  • Care Plan review recommendation + Draft letter to consumers
  • eHCP Software – Unspent Funds Report ready

These funding changes are significant. If you fail to address these changes early, you may find your service and business negatively impacted. We will continue to provide key updates to providers as we work closely with Services Australia to ensure our home care software applications are up-to-date.

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