IPA Update | Data Upload Requirements for First Reporting Period

In this update: Data upload to Department portal, End of Month process, Care Recipient ID number, e-REC software for data upload.

Please find some key information below regarding the IPA, as we continue to provide support and guidance to ensure you meet the IPA requirements by the due dates.

Data Upload to Department Portal – Use e-REC Software

Clients will require e-REC [e-Tools Reconciliation] to upload data to the Department’s portal to meet the new funding arrangements.

If you don’t have e-REC: Please contact us as a matter of urgency, as you will need to get e-REC operational for the first reporting period.

Going forward, eHCP [e-Tools Home Care Package] and e-REC will be used together, both serving different purposes to meet the new IPA requirements.

End of Month Process – To be done prior to upload

It’s important that you follow our recommended End of Month (EoM) process prior to uploading via e-REC. Please see the EoM flowchart.

Your first upload to the Department’s system will be due in October 2021, for your September 2021 claims.

Care Recipient ID Number – To be included in eHCP

eHCP users, please include the Care Recipient ID number for all active and new consumers under the Home Care Package tab in eHCP. This is also to be done prior to the first upload.

This ID number is required going forward:

  • to ensure that eHCP can link electronically to the Department’s CSV Final Payment Statement in the eHCP process.
  • as part of the upload process as it is the identifier used by the Department to identify consumers.

Please contact Jenny Burley, National Sales Manager to activate e-REC Software via jburley@e-tools.com.au or our Support Team via support@e-tools.com.au for other enquiries.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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