IPA Update for Clients | Department Changes & Unspent Funds Report

In this update: The Department's changes to IPA Phase 2, Checklist Pre-IPA Introduction, Care Plan Review, Draft Letter to Consumers and eHCP Unspent Funds Breakdown Report ready.

This Home Care IPA Update contains some important information and resources to help you prepare for the IPA commencement.

The Department’s Changes to the IPA Phase 2 

We’ve received notification from LASA that the Department has pushed back the date for reporting the Unspent Funds Balance to 1 January 2022 and changed some of the requirements. Click the link below:

Department’s Latest Update & Deadlines for IPA Phase 2   

Checklist Pre-IPA Introduction 

The introduction of the IPA will have a significant impact on providers’ funding and margin. As a provider, what you do in the coming months will form the base for ongoing funding and any delay will result in a negative outcome. We have a providers’ checklist for you to consider completing as early as possible. In order to try and avoid any ramifications, we recommend that you use this as a guide to determine if you need to take any urgent action now, in the lead up to the commencement of the new IPA.

Download Checklist

Care Plan Review & Draft Letter to Consumers  

e-Tools is recommending that all clients review their consumer care plans as of July 2021 to reset the services and where possible minimise unspent funds leading up to the introduction of the IPA. Please keep in mind the goals and objectives set for each consumer when doing so. We have attached a draft letter for you to use or modify if you wish, to send to your consumers to explain the introduction of the IPA and the reason for the care plan review. If you do not wish to change the care plan, please disregard this.

Download Draft Letter to Consumers

eHCP Software – Unspent Funds Breakdown Report ready 

The Unspent Funds Breakdown Report is now available to use in your eHCP software. Please use this to calculate and finalise your unspent funds balance, as required by the Department for your future claiming arrangements. 

Please contact us via support@e-tools.com.au if you have any queries. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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