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NeRA - National electronic Resident Agreement

Simplified resident agreement process. Stay compliant at all times and reduce your administration burden using NeRA. Continually updated to ensure you meet the latest requirements. Agreements now include the new Charter of Aged Care Rights, commencing 1 July 2019.

  • Continuing Health Care has been using the NeRA resident agreement program since the beginning of the year and we are very happy with the program. It is user friendly, has saved us time and resources as it automatically updates the financial details to match the legislation. We have also found that the technical support staff are also very helpful. Since this program was such a success we have now purchased the electronic Bonds Register to help us be more efficient once again. I highly recommend this program to all aged care facilities.

    Cynthia Tranchita, Administrator Continuing Health Care Group, WA
  • We wanted to find a software solution that was compliant with the prudential requirements of the Aged Care Act 1997 and also had the ability to be updated with the regularly changing fees, interest rates and legal requirements, without the need for reinstalling the software. NeRA software also allows us to individually tailor our resident agreements by adding information which is specific to Samarinda Lodge. We chose the NeRA software for its easy-to-use features and its cost effectiveness.

    Katrina Thurston, Financial Controller Samarinda Lodge Inc, Victoria
  • We have no regrets purchasing NeRA and would recommend it to any facility. It is a time efficient and cost effective way to ensure compliance with legislation. We've been using NeRA for a couple of years and have never had to worry about fees/charges being out of date, with the automatic fee update feature. Also having the ability to individually tailor resident agreements by adding information which is specific to our facility is a plus.

    Gary Holland, Director of Nursing Shepparton Aged Care, Victoria
  • I find NeRA software very user friendly. As I have twelve facilities to maintain, it has been a great time saver in generating the agreements. I do not have to check the applicable daily rates as it is all done for you.

    Liz Cassingham, Admissions Manager Residential Aged Services Pty Ltd, Victoria
  • I have been using NeRA software for twelve months. I find NeRA software very user friendly, it has been a great time saver in generating agreements and ensures the admission process of residents runs as smoothly as possible. As a stand alone facility time is always a very scarce resource and this product saves a lot of time. The automatic update feature takes all the worry of fees and charges being out of date. Having the flexibility to individually tailor our agreements using information which is specific to our facility is also major benefit. The back up support is very prompt and there is always someone to talk to over the phone. I would recommend this product to any facility, large or small, stand alone or conglomerate, it is an easy and cost effective way to ensure compliance with legislative requirements.

    Michael Iles, Administration St. Michael’s Residential Care, Western Australia
  • I have been using NeRA for a year and have found it to be a time saving benefit to me when preparing resident agreements. As a medium sized stand-alone facility where there are very few administrative staff one of the challenges is to keep abreast of the many changes to fees and charges. NeRA automatically incorporates these changes into new agreements making it a simple process to prepare them. NeRA includes all the information required under the Act yet still allows for individual requirements to be added. Specific facility requirements can be automatically generated into all agreements and individual resident requirements can also be included as a 'once-off' item. Back up support is readily available and I never feel that I am being a nuisance when I call. I would strongly recommend NeRA to any residential aged care facility.

    Ann Turnbull, Chief Executive Officer Lynden Aged Care, Victoria
  • We have been using NeRA Resident Agreements for 2 years and find the system a great comfort and time saver. We no longer have to monitor and update manual documents and document control systems for legislation, fee and other changes. The updated feature covers all that for us with the added benefit that the legal aspects are monitored by John Hogan and Associates. An agreement take about 10 minutes at most to create, it provides automatic storage and it is easy to revisit and make adjustments if necessary. Residents find the wording clear and the description of terms to be easily understandable. The system has significant and clear advantages over our previous internal "manual" process and we find it excellent value for money.

    Sean McKeon, CEO-Bentleigh Manor Retirement Aged Care Management, Victoria
  • I have always found doing the financial paperwork with new residents quite daunting however since using NeRA software it has taken the stress out of it. It is user friendly, quick, cost effective, ensures that you are complying with the legislative standards and the admission process runs so smoothly. I recommend it to any facility. The back up service is very prompt and there is always someone to talk to if you have any problems.

    Kerralyn Bullock, Care Manager Greater Hume Aged Services, NSW
  • As the Admissions Coordinator for the Royal Australian Air Force Association's six facilities I have found the NeRA software indispensable. Having used NeRA for nearly two years I have found it user friendly, efficient and accurate.The back up service is always readily available, efficient and effective in trouble shooting and offering helpful advice. I recommend NeRA to any aged care service.

    Aileen Williams, Admissions Coordinator Royal Australian Air Force Associaton of Western Australia
  • We are a multi site operator and since installing NeRA we are now efficiently, effectively and accurately record resident agreements for all of our new residents (respite included). We have the comfort that the information is always up to date and nothing is missed. We are also able to use the sorting capabilities to review new resident agreements and track our new resident admissions. Our accounts department also has access to this tool and in that way they access the actual resident agreement. By them doing this they can then charge all fees accurately and not wait for the facility to contact them with the details. A great additional tool to our business that we wish we had installed years before.

    Darrell Clark, General Manager Parkwood Aged Care, VIC
  • The Dalrymple Villa is a Low Care Aged Nursing Home in Charters Towers, Queensland. Recently, for the first time in over twelve years, the committee started asking for bonds. We had to formulate a bond agreement quickly, that looked professional, fitted all the legal requirements and incorporated the changing Government Legislation. We were fortunate to discover e-Tools Software (Universal Care Management Group) who not only met all of our legislative needs, but who offered fast and friendly customer service. The user friendly e-Tools software enabled us to reproduce our first Bond Agreement within fifteen minutes! The Dalrymple Villa is extremely impressed with this software and would highly recommend it to the aged care industry.

    Catherine Heferen, Finance Officer Dalrymple Villa Inc, QLD
  • At Mandurah Retirement Village we cater for High and Low Care residents. We have been using the NeRA package for a couple of months now. It has proven to be extremely helpful in improving efficiency and the automatic updates make it much easier to keep compliant with the Aged Care Act. The support staff are very friendly and willing to help. We are also purchasing the electronic Bonds Register due to the quality we have experienced with the Agreement software. I would definitely recommend this package to other Aged Care Facilities.

    Krista Pascoe, Accountant Mandurah Retirement Village Inc., WA
  • Cabanda Care Inc is a small stand alone facility. Since introducing NeRA, we have found that the documentation side of introducing a new Resident to the facility is a substantially smoother process. It takes much less time and has far less stress attached as the software does not let us proceed to printing the contract unless all relevant sections are completed. It also saves time and resources as depending on the information provided to the program, only the required sections of the contract are printed meaning that there is no post printing removing of pages. I have found that the support has been responsive to any issues that I have raised. As we were satisfied with the produce, we recently upgraded to the National version of the software (NeRA) and could recommend this to most other facilities as well.

    Craig Yeates, General Manager Cabanda Care, QLD
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eRAD - electronic Refundable Accommodation Deposit

Ultimate accommodation payment management. Focus on your client care and let our software manage your resident accommodation payments and contributions efficiently.

  • Woolgoolga Aged Care Centre is a 64 bed not for profit, community owned Aged Care Facility in the small community of Woolgoolga on the mid north coast of provide low care, high care and respite residential aged care. We also have 30 independent living units and operate with a small Management team with limited administrative assistance. Approximately 12 months ago we began using e-Tools Electronic Resident Agreements which we found to be an excellent product, saving time and eliminating administrative errors. When e-Tools introduced the Electronic Bond Register software, we had no hesitation in using this product. Prior to using eRAD I was using Excel as our bond register, whilst an accurate record was kept, it was a cumbersome and time consuming process each month. The eRAD is also an excellent product and I would highly recommend use by any aged care facility holding Aged Care Accommodation Bonds. Support from the team at e-Tools is also excellent. Their response to requests for assistance is done in a timely and courteous manner. Thank-you to all the staff at e-Tools, you have produced and support two great products.

    Kerri Hewitt, Finance Manager Woolgoolga and District Retirement Village Ltd (NSW)
  • Cooinda Coonabarabran Limited is a not-for-profit community organization with 41 High Care, 37 Low Care, Retirement Village living and CACPs. We have purchased the e-Tools Bond Register following the successful implementation of Agreements for Residential and Community Aged Care Packages. The new program provides us with an accurate balance of all bonds and enables reports to be prepared quickly and efficiently. The program will make reporting to the Department a simple process and saves time in calculating interest on Bonds etc. The training provided was excellent and support is always available from the e-Tools team. We would recommend all e-Tools programs without hesitation.

    Leanne Redfern Cooinda Coonabarabran Limited (NSW)
  • Restvale Aged Care has been using the NeRA Resident Agreement software for over 12 months with much success. Based on this we have recently purchased the eRAD Bond Register software which ensures we are complying with the most up-to-date legislative changes to the Aged Care Act, thus giving us more confidence in our reporting to the Department. We have found both these programmes user friendly and would highly recommend them to any Aged Care Facility.

    Karen Wood, Administration Finance Manager Lobethal & District Aged Homes Inc (SA)
  • I have found the software reduces the number of errors occurring, as prior to the software implementation we were relying on spreadsheets and formulas being right. Therefore we have a higher level of confidence that the data is right, especially when reporting to the Department. We have also found that we had been missing revenue we were entitled to.

    Helen Symes, Finance Manager Wimmera Health Care Group (VIC)
  • Woy Woy Community Aged Care is a 94 bed facility and we purchased the eBR software program in 2010 after having successfully used the resident agreement software (NeRA). We find both programs to be very user friendly and they have saved us a great deal of time by cutting out the shuffling from inadequate software to cumbersome excel spreadsheets. The programs are integrated allowing easy information flow. The bond reports are easy to read and provide all the relevant information for both the organisation and the residents/families. The support staff were very helpful when we first set up the bond software and since purchasing the bond software a number of improvements to the system have been implemented improving the system even more. One of the best points to both programs is the immediate update of the software when any fees, retentions etc are changed thus ensuring that we are always up to date.

    Cathy Allen Woy Woy Community Aged Care Limited (NSW)
  • Amarina Aged Care has being a very satisfied user of e-Tools' National electronic Resident Agreement (NeRA) for over 3 years. We recently installed the electronic Refundable Accommodation Deposit (eRAD) which, now integrated with the NeRA software, gives us a high level of confidence in the management of Amarina's Residents Bonds program, as the software meets all compliance requirements while giving us simple, clear management reports. We have found e-Tools very supportive of its products and I have no hesitation in recommending the e-Tools products to potential customers.

    Allan Gordon, Operations Manager Amarina Aged Care (QLD)
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eHCP - electronic Home Care Package

Your total CDC management solution. Meet July 2019 Home Care changes and new Charter of Aged Care Rights requirements. Generate compliant agreements and meet consumer goals while staying on budget. Our Discharge Feature helps you manage the discharge process efficiently.

  • In 2015 I managed the implementation of Consumer Directed Home Care Packages for a large government agency servicing rural and remote regions. My large team of case managers use eHCP in the clients home to discuss and agree the goals and design the services to best suit the clients needs. Having all the required data electronically has supported the case managers to optimise the use of the individualised budget and has given flexibility, control and transparency to the client and their family.
    The team at e-Tools are very professional, highly responsive and proactive and have become an essential enabler for our package program. I am really not sure how we would have been able to deliver such a complex program without their support.

    Cathy Home Care Provider
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eSA - electronic Supplier Agreement

Track your suppliers in one place. Stay on top of your supplier relationships, with easy access to your supplier information, including supplier and brokered agreements.

  • As a small provider, we have found the suite of e-Tools products that we use to be invaluable. They have enabled us to implement a complete system for contracts management (eSA), meet all our prudential obligations in relation to accommodation bonds (eRAD), and streamlined the preventative and ad hoc maintenance we undertake (eMR). The beauty of e-Tools products are that the applications are extremely comprehensive while remaining straightforward to use and maintain. There is always prompt support available for the systems currently in use, as well as a commitment from e-Tools of ongoing development to address the ongoing challenges of management and reporting obligations for an aged care provider. We would not hesitate to recommend e-Tools to other providers.

    Chris Roberts, Chief Executive Officer Italian Aged Care Inc (WA)
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eMR - electronic Maintenance Register

Be up to date with your maintenance. Manage preventative and ad-hoc maintenance with our centralised management tool that saves you time and money.

  • As a small provider, we have found the suite of e-Tools products that we use to be invaluable. They have enabled us to implement a complete system for contracts management (eSA), meet all our prudential obligations in relation to accommodation bonds (eRAD), and streamlined the preventative and ad hoc maintenance we undertake (eMR). The beauty of e-Tools products are that the applications are extremely comprehensive while remaining straightforward to use and maintain. There is always prompt support available for the systems currently in use, as well as a commitment from e-Tools of ongoing development to address the ongoing challenges of management and reporting obligations for an aged care provider. We would not hesitate to recommend e-Tools to other providers.

    Chris Roberts, Chief Executive Officer Italian Aged Care Inc (WA)
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ePC - electronic Police Check

Staying ahead of your police checks. Keep your staff criminal history records in one place and don’t lose track when renewals are due.

  • Braemar is a 165 bed three site organisation. We investigated NeRA software as part of our project to streamline and strengthen our admissions process. We found NeRA practical in meeting our needs. Our Admission Officer can use the contract to clearly demonstrate the payment options, simpler than working it out manually. The fact that the contracts are updated automatically gives us peace of mind knowing we are providing the most accurate financial information to our clients. Given the agreement software was so successful we have also purchased the police check software. We have been equally impressed with it ease of use and accuracy. Should we move into Community Care we would not hesitate to add their Community Care agreement to our suite of programmes.

    Michelle Barrow, Executive Manager Care Braemar Presbyterian Care, WA
  • ePC [electronic Police Check] software has made my life much easier. It relieves the worry of this new legislation - it’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. As a Manager of an Aged Care Facility I have enough things to be concerned about and because of ePC there is one less burden. When it came time for the support contact by the accreditation agency, the assessor was pleased with the system we had in place - thanks to ePC and the people behind it! I highly recommend this product.

    Vasa Selvakumaran Strathfield Home for the Aged
  • Novacare Inc is a community aged care provider and as such needs to comply with the legislative requirements for Police Checks on its staff. Prior to using ePC this was done using a spreadsheet and a diary. ePC has provided Novacare with an integrated solution that allows us to track Police certificates, follow up when they are due for renewal, generate forms and even scan the certificates into the system for easy retrieval. The software integrates seamlessly into windows with reminders on the Taskbar. Using ePC has made the task of ensuring compliance with the legislation a whole lot easier for Novacare.

    John Baillie, Chief Executive Officer Novacare Inc

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