Notifications feature – Inform staff of scheduling updates instantly on eWorkforce Mobile App

Roster Managers, ensure staff don’t miss important scheduling updates or reassigned services. Our notifications feature will save time on staff follow-up!

Ensure staff don’t miss important scheduling updates or reassigned services, using the Notifications feature via eWorkforce Mobile App and eSRM!

The new push notification feature instantly informs staff of any scheduling changes made by roster managers via eSRM’s scheduling function:  

  • Enables managers to instantly inform staff of service schedule changes (managed on eSRM).
  • Automated notifications on staff mobile devices will save time spent on follow-up phone calls or messages between manager & staff.
  • Managers can respond promptly to service cancellations & assignments – helps with compliance & risk mitigation in meeting client services.
  • Reliable, instant & clear notifications.

Staff members will receive notifications such as:

  • When a new roster is published
  • When a new service is assigned
  • When a service is unassigned (a cancellation)
  • When a service is rescheduled (a change in appointment time or date)

Managers can now communicate efficiently, swiftly, and seamlessly!

These changes are part of the Notifications Phase 1 upgrade. Additional notification features are planned for future release.

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eSRM (e-Tools Staff Records Management) and eWorkforce Mobile App form part of an efficient workforce management solution for home care service delivery.

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