NEW RELEASE! eConsumer Mobile App for Communication, Participation & Transparency

Share service information with consumers, inc. Consumer Statements. Empower consumers to participate in their service delivery & address your provider responsibilities.

Our updated eConsumer Mobile App has launched!

Designed as a communication tool to connect you to your care recipients and families, the updated app has industry-leading features that shout, “WE’RE BETTER!” to win your clients over.  eConsumer is thoughtfully designed to meet consumer expectations whilst addressing your provider responsibilities.

  • eConsumer enables you to share service information and encourage consumer participation through a secure platform, to cater for current and future requirements.
  • Empower consumers to be involved in the planning of their service delivery arrangements
  • Enable them to have a say using a private feedback-rating tool – important in meeting User Rights Principles 2014.
  • Give consumers easy access to their Consumer Statements. 
  • Every dollar counts in the current economy, so switch to Consumer Statements on the app to instantly save on postage costs and admin time.
  • eConsumer is subscription-based, allowing you to add or remove users as your numbers change.
  • Starts from just $3 per month* for a single user; $5 per month for a multi-user account to include carers and family members.
  • A “no cost” benefit to consumers, as this forms part of the care budget and care plan.
  • eWorkforce Mobile App has been successfully used in many service organisations across Australia, with glowing feedback.
  • Provide your care workers with access to latest service schedules, client info and progress notes on their mobile devices.
  • Push notifications for scheduling updates and a job broadcast function to fill urgent service appointments helps you meet your provider obligations, eWorkforce can play a crucial role in delivering quality services to your clients.
  • Please ask us for a free demo.
  • Prioritise cybersecurity with e-Tools Software, ISO27001 certified at global standards. Safeguard client and corporate data to fulfill your provider responsibilities.

^ Consumer Statements are currently available for HCP recipients, with plans to expand to NDIS participants & 2025 Support at Home Program.

Disclaimer: Whilst the general information we provide is based on extensive industry knowledge and experience, please seek your own legal advice that takes into consideration your circumstances.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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