Job Broadcast with Incompatibility Filter & Staff Self-Assign Capability

Fill last minute service appointment changes FAST! eSRM Staff Scheduling & eWorkforce Mobile App work in unity to bring you the time-saving Job Broadcast system for home & community care.

Notifications Phase 3 brings NEW major features into eSRM & eWorkforce Mobile App for better communication and productivity:

Job Broadcast System

  • Roster managers can broadcast a vacant service appointment availability to selected employees.
  • Employees can view the service offered in eWorkforce and choose to accept or decline the appointment instantly.
  • This gives employees the autonomy to ‘self-assign’ themselves to the service appointments, saving manager’s time and stress from last-minute service cancellations or changes.

Incompatibility System

  • Roster managers are able to create a filter based on employees’ incompatibility for a job.
  • Ability to add incompatibilities e.g. due to a consumer’s request or the staff member’s travel restraints.
  • The system shows the most suitable workers to fill the job, before a job broadcast is sent out.

Password Recovery Feature (eWorkforce)

  • eWorkforce users no longer have to contact their roster manager if they have forgotten their password

Please contact the e-Tools team to get started with these time-saving new features. More information on how to use the new features can be found in the release notes below. Included in the release notes is a very handy Q&A compilation on the new Job Broadcast and Incompatibility systems we have introduced.

eSRM v1.2.48.0 | eWorkforce v1.2.23 Mobile App (2 Nov 2023)

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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