Webinar | Home Care Improved Payment Arrangements: Industry Perspectives on Implementation

LASA webinar 3 June, 3:00 - 4:00PM. Join LASA along with a panel of industry experts in this thought leadership webinar on the IPA.

From 1 September 2021, legislation requires that Home Care Package providers receive funding based on the actual services delivered to care recipients. This change moves the responsibility for holding care recipients’ Government paid portion of unspent funds from the provider to the Government. Over time, this will reduce the prudential risk for home care providers and improve protections for care recipients’ home care funds as the program grows.

Transition to these improved payment arrangements (IPA) are not without both operational and financial risks. Challenges facing providers, software vendors, care recipients and Government will be explored during this thought leadership webinar.

Join LASA, along with a panel of industry experts, as they review the status of IPA implementation based on transition requirements, LASA’s IPA advocacy activities and provider considerations in navigating the IPA transition. This thought leadership webinar will explore some of the broader considerations for change preparation and anticipating change deficits, providing participants with an invaluable reflective learning opportunity.

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Source: Image and information from the LASA events web page

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