Client Feedback on eSA & eMR Upgrade

We are about to embark on converting e-Tools Supplier Agreement & Maintenance Register applications from Windows to Web platform. We invite you to provide us with comments & feedback that would be valuable in improving the software.

The advantages of this transition are to allow: 

  • clients to consider hosting their applications in the Cloud
  • the applications to interface better with mobile technology
  • e-Tools to offer additional features and upgrades to the packages to improve information processing 
  • all e-Tools applications to be on a common platform
  • information from applications to automatically feed into our new dashboard which is currently in development

An essential part of this process is to enhance the software and also to review any areas where, you the client user of the software, feels the experience can be improved. We invite you to provide us with comments and feedback that you feel would be valuable in improving the software in its new version. 

Please keep in mind the underpinning principles that e-Tools observes:

  • we only produce one version of any software so suggestions need to be valuable to our total client base
  • we are trying to ensure our applications are not only “value for money” but priced so that our clients have an advantage in the market
  • our software has to be robust, easy to use and supports the user
  • where necessary our software talks to other e-Tools’ software and has the capacity to export to CSV and/or API
  • delivers the key information to provide our clients with support in compliance and a competitive advantage over other non-e-Tools providers

We will be launching the redesign and rebuilding of the software, firstly with eSA then eMR in the next few weeks so if you can have your comments/suggestions back to us by Friday, 6th August 2021 that would be appreciated.

Please send your comments and suggestions to our support team: support@e-tools.com.au

Thank you in anticipation of your support. This is a “win-win” opportunity and also an opportunity for e-Tools to provide you with additional benefits from the software.

The e-Tools Software Team

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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