Celebrating Aged Care Employee Day – 7 August

We extend our appreciation to our dedicated aged care workforce - thank you! Check the latest updates designed to continue supporting you, whether you're a carer, nurse, manager, administrator or provider.

Today – 7th August is Aged Care Employee Day! On this day, we extend our appreciation to the dedicated staff who tirelessly care for the senior Australians in aged care services. This includes nurses, personal carers, allied health staff, cleaners, administration staff and everyone that is involved in the aged care sector.

We encourage you to pass on your acknowledgements to your colleagues and staff in the aged care sector today 😊

In light of Aged Care Employee Day, we present a selection of our aged care software and latest software updates designed to make day-to-day tasks more manageable for aged care employees, managers and providers.

e-Tools Refundable Accommodation Deposit [eRAD] Cloud:

The imminent release of eRAD Cloud will include a Billing Management solution – a serious time-saver for providers and employees! Accommodation payments & resident fees are maintained in one place, and automatically compiled to provide resident billing data for import to your billing system.

e-Tools Staff Records Management [eSRM]:

Helps you maintain staff/employee record keeping to meet Quality Standards requirements. This software packs a punch, with a Staff Scheduling function for community care, linked to Mobile Apps and our community care software.

eWorkforce Mobile App Push Notifications:

Ensure employees don’t miss service assignment & scheduling updates! Newly released as part of eSRM & eWorkforce, the Push Notifications add-on allows roster managers to communicate changes automatically to employees. Saves time spent on follow-up phone calls or messages between manager and employees.

These are just some examples of how we continue to support aged care employees and providers like yourselves. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for info and assistance.


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