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Know what to expect & how to manage upcoming industry changes with our practical Provider Resources.

e-Tools will continue to support providers with a software solution for the new Support at Home Program. Planning is underway, but equally important is the information our industry consultants can offer on managing the changes successfully.

The new Government Program will require an understanding of new requirements & implementing changes by given timelines. It is likely that community & residential providers’ future decisions on service models will be impacted, and we can give you insights into this area via our Provider Resources.

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Early planning essential for successful transition

To successfully manage a Government-led change of this scale,  experience has shown us that the following will be essential:

  • Good preparation.
  • Dedicating the time to understand the changes.
  • Seeking help from qualified specialists early, if you have any difficulties, identify issues or just need some guidance.

Although there is no finalised framework from the Government yet, we have mapped out a software development & data transition plan for clients & providers.

e-Tools Software has decades of experience supporting providers through industry changes; including the recent Improved Payment Arrangements (IPA) for Home Care.

You can be assured that we will offer a clear pathway to help you meet the 1 July 2024 deadline.

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Planning is underway for our new Support at Home Program software. Onboard now to our existing home support or home care software, and know that your data will be transitioned smoothly to meet the new Program requirements & deadline.

e-Tools Software supports the transition from one service model to another across the care continuum:

  • eHSP for Home Support/CHSP providers
  • eHCP for Home Care/HCP providers
  • eNDIS for NDIS providers
  • NeRA Cloud for Residential Care providers

Essential applications that connect to our base service model applications for wider outcomes include:

  • eSRM for staff records management across all service models.
  • eSRM staff scheduling & mobile apps for Home Support, Home Care & NDIS providers.
  • eRAD for Residential Care accommodation payment management. Cloud version coming in Q2 2023! 
e-Tools Software is ISO 27001 Information Security certified. If your current IT provider does not afford the level of data security to protect against cyberattacks, explore our more secure options.

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