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With the next wave of transformative changes heading your way in the form of the ‘Support at Home Program’ (SHP) in July 2025, you need to ensure you have all your ducks in a row.
e-Tools Software applications will be updated to create a smoother pathway for you in the lead up to the new program.

Our Staff Scheduling & Mobile App solutions were updated recently to help you keep up with increasing demands in an evolving landscape.

Below is a rundown of features that can that completely transform the way you manage your workforce and improve communication with your staff and your clients.

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Transform Staff Communication

eWorkforce Mobile App Push Notifications

  • Enables managers to inform staff of roster publications easily via a visible notifications system.
  • Helps ensure staff don’t miss changes to service assignments.

High Priority Messaging

  • Managers can inform staff of urgent last minute assignments or changes, with the ability for staff to tap & send a confirmation that they have seen the urgent message.
  • Provides urgency & prominence for messages of a more important, time-sensitive nature.
  • Based on your pre-set urgency cut-off window.

Job Broadcast System

  • Managers can broadcast a vacant service appointment availability to selected staff.
  • Staff can view & instantly tap to accept or decline the appointment. Give employees the autonomy to ‘self-assign’ themselves.

Incompatibility System

  • Managers can create filters based on staff-client incompatibility for a job availability.
  • Ability to add incompatibilities e.g. due to a client’s request or staff member’s travel restraints.
  • The system shows the most suitable workers to fill the job, before a job broadcast is sent to staff.

These new features are designed to be a less stressful, time saving method to fulfill your clients’ service needs & meet your provider requirements now & into the future.

Connect with Clients

eConsumer Mobile App 

Don’t underestimate the importance of sharing & communicating with your care recipients & their families – a new generation of tech-savvy consumers are on the rise!

Share service info, enable them to check staff ID & give them the ability to provide valuable feedback.

More features are coming in Dec 23/Jan 24, incl. downloadable HCP consumer statements & the ability for clients to request rescheduling of services.

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Your Pathway to 'Support at Home Program'

Why onboard now to our current apps?

Plans are in progress for a new e-Tools SHP solution to help our clients transition to the new program smoothly, before the due date. This will allow plenty of time to be familiar and operational with the new software before the Department’s implementation date.

Our new SHP software will allow clients to continue operating and reporting under the existing programs, HCP & CHSP. From the Department’s changeover date, the software will display the data in a new format that reflects the merge and captures the new SHP requirements.

Most importantly, e-Tools Software is an ISO27001 Information Security certified organisation. We offer internationally recognised levels of data protection against rising cyber attacks.

Explore our secure home care and home support range. Request your free demo on any combination of the following apps:

  • eHCP | HCP Management
  • eHSP | CHSP Management
  • eNDIS | NDIS Management
  • eSRM | Staff Records Management & Staff Scheduling
  • eWorkforce | Mobile App for Staff
  • eConsumer | Mobile App for Care Recipients

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