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ISO 27001 certification is issued to highly efficient organisations that prove they have an information security management system of an internationally certifiable standard.

As an ISO 27001 certified organisation, e-Tools Software is committed to providing the highest level of data security for clients.

With 18+ years' experience as a leading aged care software provider, and 40+ years in aged care consulting, you can trust us to be your compliance & data protection partner.

We highly recommend considering some of the security measures below, to further strengthen data protection within your organisation.

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Cyber Security Measures

Our aged care & home care software solutions are developed with these important security options in mind, ready to be deployed to help minimise potential cyber threats.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) or Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)
2FA requires an extra login step on top of the user’s password, to minimise risks associated with compromised passwords. It can reduce the success of phishing and similar attacks, because a second layer of approval is requested for user access to an application.

The Google reCAPTCHA service is important to help prevent automated cyber security threats. Triggered upon too many failed login attempts, users will be prompted to verify their identity via the reCAPTCHA widget.

Password complexity 
Enforcing password complexities can significantly increase your protection. You can introduce complexities such as minimum number of characters, inclusion of uppercase, numeric and special characters. You can also select to enforce periodic password changes for added protection.

It is important to align yourself with organisations that take data security seriously. Seek the necessary information or certification that demonstrates their commitment, and you should never hesitate to request for more information.

Secure Home Care Software Solutions

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For 18+ years, providers have trusted us to deliver on effective compliance management, improved efficiency & financial viability.

Select the modules that meet your needs and manage your requirements in various key areas, which can include:

  • Compliant legal agreements and up-to-date fees/prices
  • Clear tracking of client funding/budget & your claims
  • Efficient management of client service delivery
  • Financial reconciliation to claim correct funding amounts
  • Staff tasking
  • Seamless staff communication and client service delivery solution via Mobile Applications
  • Tracking of supplier information in one location

e-Tools Software’s affordable module-based solutions are responsive, effective and secure, to keep you at the top of your game.

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