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The Support at Home Program (SHP) is a significant change to the current home support and home care structure. To further add to the complexity, the Government is proposing the changeover to occur from 1 July 2025, but to the best of our knowledge, there is no planned transition timetable.

e-Tools knows the importance of early preparation through experience. Plans are in progress for our new SHP software application, to enable clients and industry operators to transition ahead of the due date. This will allow plenty of time to be familiar and operational with the new software before the Department’s implementation date.

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Transition smoothly to SHP with our help

Our new SHP software will allow home care and home support clients to continue operating and reporting under the existing programme requirements (HCP & CHSP).

From the Department’s changeover date, the software will display the data in a new format that reflects the merge and captures the new SHP requirements.

The advantages of this approach are:

  • Allows for longer familiarisation & training.
  • Retain historical records to access in the future.
  • No last-minute issues trying to transition in one day.
  • If the implementation date is altered again, it will not impact adversely on e-Tools clients, as the software will allow for continual reporting of home care & home support under the current programme requirements.

e-Tools believes that, as an industry, we need to be more prepared for changes of this magnitude. We will do our utmost to ensure our clients are well positioned to maximise outcomes and continue delivering quality services when the change occurs.

Onboard now to our current software

  • Home care software with Unspent Funds management incl. detailed breakdown of balances.
  • End of Month section.
  • Care Recipient Home Care Account section.
  • Track closing balances of C’wealth & Care Recipient Unspent Funds.
  • Free Russell Kennedy legal home care agreement.

  • Plan & track services for CHSP clients in one place.
  • Manage individual & group activities in detail.
  • Free legal agreement included.
  • Direct electronic DEX upload function.
  • Track delivery of units against contract allocations.

  • Maintain essential staff records with renewal tracking.
  • Staff Scheduling function, powered by staff details in eSRM & service details from eHCP/eHSP.
  • Schedule/assign staff to client services based on availability & classification.
  • Provide staff access to assigned tasks via eWorkforce.

eWorkforce Mobile App

  • Mobile app for staff to access scheduled services & client details at their fingertips.
  • Record service details on the spot for improved accuracy.
  • Push notifications for scheduling updates ensure staff don’t miss important changes.

eConsumer Mobile App

  • FREE mobile app for clients & families.
  • Engage, build trust & stand out as best in class!
  • Enable clients to track services & check staff ID for added security.
  • Feedback tool to measure client satisfaction – know what you’re doing well or identify issues to be addressed.


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