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To ensure you maintain a quality, financially viable service going forward, the e-Tools range of home care software solutions will help you manage the complex funding challenges you currently face.

Established in 2004, e-Tools Software solutions have been trusted by industry for decades.

Furthermore, we have a team of industry consultants with over 40 years' experience, to provide you with additional financial and management consulting support. Our consultants have successfully assisted in implementing corrective action and improving financial outcomes for countless providers.

Seek support early and be in a position where you'll be confident knowing you can continue delivering quality services and maintain a viable operation under the new funding arrangements.

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Home Care Software Solutions

eHCP helps you take on the challenges posed by the new funding arrangements, with intuitive features to assist with End of Month and Unspent Funds management.

Trusted by 270 home care providers nationally, eHCP is now more powerful than ever, with the ability to connect to mobile apps to drive quality outcomes.

The e-Tools Reconcilation (eREC) application, used alongside eHCP, allows you to upload directly to the Department portal to speed up the claims process.

eHCP connects to our eWorkforce and eConsumer mobile apps, to provide you with a complete workforce management and communication solution.

Empower your workforce to deliver quality client services, with up-to-the-minute service delivery information accessible on their mobile devices.

Smart features in eWorkforce to assist with time efficiency, accountability & auditing include:

  • Geo Location feature to provide managers with variance information on a staff member’s safe sign-off diameter.
  • Ability for staff to record client information, book or change services on the spot & close out services.
  • Capture of client signature electronically on service completion.
  • Staff clock in & clock out.

Discover how e-Tools’ mobile apps and software solutions can make a difference in addressing some of your provider challenges in a rapidly evolving environment.

Consulting Support

Are you confident that you and your staff are managing the programme and funding effectively to deliver quality outcomes for clients whilst retaining sufficient funds to remain viable?

Do you know how to identify early danger signs? Any issues left unaddressed over a long period may get convoluted and put your viability and future existence in jeopardy.

Our consultants have the experience to identify danger signs and mitigate potential negative impacts. Seek support early.

Please reach out for assistance if you:

  • are unsure whether you are doing things correctly
  • have problems with data or reconciliation of data
  • need an independent review or health check.
We can provide an assessment of your situation, followed by actionable solutions.

Seek support early

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