Management Consulting Support for Current Funding Challenges

Corrective action is still possible to retain YOUR portion of the funding

Time is running out though, so please act now.

Our consulting team is offering a FREE* 30 minute financial health check, focused on your organisation's funding claims.

With over 40 years' experience in aged care consulting, our consultants have the experience to identify issues and determine if you are reporting claims accurately.

We have been successful in bringing servicing, funding and sustainability back into a balanced state for many clients.

This no-obligation assessment will provide you the opportunity to address any risks early and mitigate negative impacts.

We can help with a FREE financial health check*

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Consulting Support

Whether it’s a financial health check or ongoing management-based support, our consultants can guide you through your specific challenges.

We strongly recommend to seek support early. Here are the reasons why:

  • Providers are struggling to understand how to manage the programme and new funding effectively. You’re not alone!
  • The result is often an imbalance in servicing, compliance, funding and viability.
  • The longer you wait, the more convoluted the issue becomes to rectify.
  • Your future existence will be in jeopardy.
With the right support, corrective action is still possible, but the window is closing, so you must act now.

Our consulting team is led by David Powis, Managing Director and Consultant. David has over 40 years of management consulting experience, and he’s extremely knowledgeable and insightful. Prateek Mishra is our Management Accountant and Consultant. Prateek has nurtured many clients through their recent funding issues to improve funding outcomes.

David and Prateek are part of the forward-thinking team at e-Tools who can provide direction and improve outcomes for you under difficult circumstances.


* The free 30 minute financial health check is limited to the assessment of your home care organisation’s funding claims. Any data that is to be assessed outside of this scope will incur an additional fee, and our consultants will advise accordingly. This offer is available for a limited time only and is subject to change without prior notice.

Robust Software Solutions

e-Tools Software’s home care software solutions provide you with the tools to manage the complex challenges you currently face.

Established in 2004, e-Tools Software is trusted by industry to provideĀ  effective, ongoing compliance management. Our range currently includes:

  • e-Tools Home Care Package (eHCP)
  • e-Tools Reconcilation (eREC)
  • e-Tools Mobile Applications

eHCP is currently used by 270 providers to help manage home care requirements effectively. Used alongside eREC, it enables direct electronic upload to the Department portal, to speed up the claims process.

eHCP now connects with eWorkforce and eConsumer Mobile Apps to drive quality outcomes for your community care workforce and organisation.

Discover how e-Tools’ home care solutions can address some of your ongoing provider obligations. Request a free demo today.

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