eConsumer Mobile App for Home Care Providers

A New Era of Communication and Transparency

Transparency, consumer choice and participation are at the forefront of home care provider responsibilities.

To cater for current and future requirements, the eConsumer Mobile App enables you to share service information and encourage consumer participation, in a private and secure platform.

Using eConsumer Mobile App will make it easier for you to manage your provider responsibilities under the:

- Quality of Care Principles 2014 [Aged Care Quality Standards],
- User Rights Principles 2014, and
- Charter of Aged Care Rights.

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Monthly Appointments on One Screen

  • Easy-view calendar that helps consumers stay on top of upcoming appointments.

Enable Appointment Rescheduling Requests

  • Empower consumers to make choices about their service delivery arrangements.
  • Optional feature for providers to use, but is important in supporting consumer choice, to address User Rights Principles 2014.

Consumer Statements on App

  • Save significant costs & admin time by uploading Consumer Statements to the app.
  • Consumers can access their current & historical Statements easily.
  • Coming soon in the upgraded eConsumer version! Available for HCP recipients, with plans to expand to NDIS participants & 2025 Support at Home Program.

Feedback & Rating Tool in a Private Platform

  • Support your consumers with a clear process to give feedback or make complaints, to meet your provider responsibility under the User Rights Principles 2014.
  • Gain valuable input on what you’re doing well & identify issues to be addressed.
  • Actively monitor quality via a ratings/feedback report.

Fingerprint & Facial ID Unlock

  • Convenient & secure login option for consumers.
  • Available soon in the upgraded version of the app.

Translated to 10 Languages

  • Currently with a choice of 5 translated languages: Chinese, Dutch, Greek, Italian, English.
  • Upgraded version launching soon will have additional 5 languages: Korean, Arabic, Vietnamese, Russian, Spanish.


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