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Keeping it simple with 'One App, One Task'

Providers would be all too familiar with the constantly changing home care landscape. Why is a 'One App, One Task' approach in home care software better when it comes to managing your provider challenges? First, focusing one application on one specific key area allows us to keep the application nimble, to ensure you're able to respond to required changes promptly.

Having a series of independent apps, instead of a large integrated system, can have many merits, including:
- Shorter learning curve when there are changes
- Less stressful for staff training
- App updates are contained & don't impact other areas
- Affordable - select apps that you need & add as you grow

e-Tools applications can bolt together when the need arises, connecting to share key data and provide broader outcomes.

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Spotlight on cybersecurity

The wave of cyberattacks and data breaches we’ve experienced in the past year should serve as a wake-up call to businesses, as no business is exempt from this risk. It’s vital for businesses to step up to meet their corporate responsibility and protect their client data.

Part of your data security measures should include a review of your software and business systems. It would be in your best interest to align with organisations that can prove they too, are taking the appropriate security measures.

e-Tools Software is ISO 27001 Information Security certified to provide the highest level of protection for your data. ISO 27001 certification is an internationally recognised information security system. Certification is issued only to organisations that prove they have a management system of a certifiable standard and a commitment to continuous improvement.

This is something you shouldn’t put off for later – reach out and find out more about our cybersecure solutions.

Plan ahead for Support at Home Program (SHP)

The SHP changeover from 1 July 2025 is a significant change to the current home support and home care structure, and e-Tools knows the importance of early preparation through nearly 20 years’ experience.

Plans are in progress for our new SHP software solution, to enable our clients to transition ahead of the due date. This will allow plenty of time to be familiar and operational with the new software before the Department’s implementation date.

Our new SHP software will also allow home care and home support clients to continue operating and reporting under the existing programme requirements, HCP & CHSP.

From the Department’s changeover date, the software will display the data in a new format that reflects the merge and captures the new SHP requirements.

The advantages of this approach are:

  • Allows for longer familiarisation & training.
  • Retain historical records to access in the future.
  • No last-minute issues trying to transition in one day.
  • If the implementation date is altered again, it will not impact adversely on e-Tools clients, as the software will allow for continual reporting of current HCP & CHSP programme requirements.

e-Tools believes that, as an industry, we need to be more prepared for changes of this magnitude. We will do our part by ensuring clients are well positioned to continue delivering quality services and maximise outcomes when the change occurs.

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